Bananas. Eggs. Watermelon. Tortilla chips.

Milk. Yogurt. Kale. Peppers. Cherries. Cabbage. Zucchini.

Half and half. Buttermilk. Bread. Limes. Lemon. More cherries. Nectarines.

In what universe does it make sense to put bananas (upside down and on the bottom), eggs (on an angle opposite the bananas, raw eggs), watermelon (on top of bananas and eggs), and chips in one grocery bag? There so many other options. So many. Sooooo many.

But that is what happened today. Woe to the bananas and the eggs. Woe to the grocery bag that held these smushed items. Woe.

But if I were my own best friend I would remind myself it was a damn good day since that is the worst thing that happened in my life today. There is no reason for woe. I shopped for groceries. I bought them and brought them home. I cooked meals in my home. I have a home. I have electricity. I have clean water. I am healthy. My family is well and safe. I am safe. I am truly blessed.

Yet as my own best friend I also might suggest to myself to bag my own groceries next time.

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