Be Human


If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

…just write and publish something already. Come on. Just put something out there. Pub-lish. It does not exist if it is not published. COME. ON. Do it. (think of “do it” in an Arnold Schwarzenegger ala Terminator voice)

So here’s the thing. I have a lot (A LOT) of drafts for this blog. Posts that sounded great in my head… then I put them on paper. And something happens between what is in my head and what comes out on the page. Something gets lost. There is a bermuda triangle of authenticity-and-voice that occurs somewhere in between my brain and my hands. Poof. I read the post back and it just does not read right. (Sometimes it even blows. A lot.)

So I keep those things as drafts. Because maybe I will come back to them. And maybe the next time there will be a spark. And then, I don’t publish anything. And there is no spark. And the drafts just continue to build up and the posts do not. No publishing.

But the deal is I really really believe in the importance of quality. And I know you can make an argument for “quantity will lead to quality” – it’s one of those practice things. The more I write and publish the better I will get at it. Just put something out there. But I can’t. I find myself completely stymied. It needs to sound like me. Otherwise, what’s the point of this blog?!?! So, quality is better than quantity.

Then I’m back to square one again. And staring at drafts that seemed like good ideas then fizzled on paper. And the question is – “is it better to publish something marginal, then to publish nothing at all?” Or, is it better to wait and only publish the things that really read “true” to me. Because technically it’s all true and all my voice because I am the only one writing. (Hmmm. Welcome to my brain. Running away screaming yet?)

So today, this may not be my best quality ever. But it is my best for today. Because today my best is showing up. Putting words on paper. And publishing something . Sometimes you’ve just got to do it.

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