Happy New Year. This post has been bouncing around in my head for a month now. A month! The original goal was to get it out the first week of the year. Ha. The new goal is the first month. I wanted to start this year in particular by acknowledging how THANKFUL I am for a variety of things. These are in no particular order, although without the first one the rest would be moot. So here goes.

I am GRATEFUL to be alive. I am more grateful than I can explain at this moment to be here. On this planet. Living this life. Breathing each breath. Immersed in each happy, strife-filled, muddy, messy, glorious moment. THANK YOU.

I am THANKFUL for the 3 special people I get to share this life with most days. Each morning I am amazed by this little family I am a part of. And sometimes surprised. Some mornings I am exhausted and grumpy (and some 3ams and 2ams and midnights..). But mostly I still feel BLESSED.

I am APPRECIATIVE of the network of people beyond those immediate three. Some are long-time friends. Some are family. Some are transient friends. Some are acquaintances I barely know other than to nod and say “hello” in passing. Each plays a role. Each fills a space. Each is a different thread in this tapestry of life. And let me tell you the tapestry just keeps getting more and more colorful.

I am BLESSED to live in a place with electricity and gas and indoor plumbing. We lost power a few months back for about 24 hours. Just one day. That’s it. And I was shocked to realize how much I depend on those things. How grateful I am to live somewhere that has that kind of infrastructure. And how insulated I am. And how important it is to give back when you can to those who cannot or do not have access to utilities that make life easier.

I am INDEBTED to the people who take the time to read this blog and share in this space. Thank you for your interest. Your kindness. Your warmth. I do not post often (even less so, now that we have 2 small humans to care for) but I APPRECIATE the small community that exists here in cyber space. It warms my heart.

I am BEHOLDEN and grudgingly THANKFUL to the power of technology. You will notice astute reader that there is no picture to go with this blog. Gah. Ack. Glurf. Technology both allows me to reach you and sometimes holds me back. I am lacking a functional scanner. It is time to replace said scanner. Perhaps I will even become brave this year (and enter the early 2000s…) and explore the world of tablets. Eek. It feels so wrong to even write it. I think I just cheated on my paper and pens. I need therapy.

And finally I am GRATEFUL for a whole mess of things and this list will only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Warm showers. Cuddly babies. Hugs. Nail polish. A big blue cooking pot. The smell of cookies or soup or slow cooker meals wafting through the house. Casseroles (I am completely obsessed with casseroles right now). Socks without holes. Pants with elastic waist bands. Cars with heated seats. Umbrellas. The color blue and orange and red and yellow… The Sound of Music. Pearls. Pears. Green peas. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Sometimes tea. Phone calls from friends. Letters in the mail. Reading at night. Baby burps. Preschool. Sunshine. Laughter. Smiles. And love.

What are you THANKFUL for in your life? Please share if you feel so inclined. I would love to hear from you!!

3 comments on “Grateful

  1. Rebecca darling

    This is a great reminder to count your blessings.

  2. Zita Mazzola

    I am certainly grateful for my family, my health
    and many of the things you listed. I am also thankful for you and your blog.

  3. So thankful for you Rachel!

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