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Be your own line.

A line is a dot that took a chance and went exploring.


This whole line of thought was inspired by my two-year old. We were playing with pens and paper the other day and he started drawing lines – all sorts of crazy, wavy, curvy, straight, bendy, thick, thin lines. In all different colors. All over the place. Then he wanted to draw dots. But every time he started a dot he would look up at me, smile, and then holding the pen his hand would go flying across the paper, making a line. Finally, after a few minutes of this, in the way only a two-year old can, he said “my dots wouldn’t stay on the paper, they want to move and run mommy.”


And then I couldn’t get the idea of dots and lines out of my head. So what if we are all dots? And what if we are either moving around in a herd of dots or we’re all lined up and we’ve been pretty happy being dots for a while. We look around and we see other dots. And we’re used to it. It is comfortable. And then one dot decides to go exploring.

So first off, it is hard to break out of the mold. It is hard to set out on your own when you’re in a comfy pack of dots. But what if, to be truly content and true to yourself, you need to break that mold. What if you need to be a line?

So, for all of you dots out there wondering what it might be like to be a line – if I were your best friend (or my own) I would tell you (or me) to go explore. Be a line. Be straight or wavy or curvy. Be thick or thin. Be dashed or dotted. Be black or white or any other color in between. Be braided or twisted. Be shiny or dull. Be more than a dot. Make your mark in this world, in this life, be your own line.

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