Evolve & Grow Gratitude

Thanks for big boy beds…

Today I am grateful for…

  1. Big boy beds – Big changes around here. The little guy crawled out of his crib and once he figured out he could do it there was no stopping him. So the transition has been made. Big boy bed time. However… see #3
  2. Green heads – The little guy seems to have a bit of an artistic streak in him. Picked him up from daycare this week after a long day at work and his head was green. Bright green. He colored it in with marker. Daycare tried to scrub it out and it resulted in green hair and a more equally distributed shade of green. Excellent!  (Only regret not getting a picture.)
  3. Piles of blankets on the floor next to the bed – Soooo grateful for the pile of blankets that nests on the floor next to the big boy bed since the small human seems completely uninterested in staying in his bed for the whole night. That pile of blankets keeps him warm and provides a pad when he rolls out of his bed onto the floor. Thump. 
  4. Shampoo and bath time – Green heads eventually need to be washed. I know, I know… such a “mom” thing to do. But it had to be done. And bath time with faintly green bubbles floating around is just kind of fun. 
  5. Thai food – Praise to single moms or moms who have partners that travel a lot. Praise to working moms who pick up their kiddos and figure out how to get food on the table every night, especially homemade food. Some nights you just give up and order Thai food. And the bonus is the small human loves to eat Thai veggies… so I feel less guilty about getting take out! 
  6. Potty training – Not officially potty training yet, but love the idea of no diapers at some point in the future. The little guy spent about 24 hours last week where he only wanted to go #2 in the potty and #1 in his diaper. So very very grateful for the opportunity to try to explain to an irrational, over-tired, crying two-year old why he is probably going to always go a little bit of #1 when he goes #2. Complete meltdown over the fact that he could not do #2 without a little bit of #1. Have you ever tried to explain this to someone, two-year old or otherwise?? (For those who do not have kiddos I am trying to keep this relatively clean and promise I will not turn this into a potty blog.)
  7. Change… and change… and change… – And this is what I am most grateful for today. Even though all those changes hit about the same time and it was a moderately rough week I am so thankful that these changes are happening. It means growth. It means maturing. It means living. 

So if you are in a place in your life right now where changes just keep happening. And maybe the pace feels too fast or the changes are too big and too overwhelming just take a deep breath. Pause. And realize change is ultimately a good thing. It means we are alive. We are growing. We are embracing this thing we call life.

Happy changes!

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