Be Human

Small victories

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to….


…celebrate small victories (even if they may not actually seem like victories).

***I grew a small plant! A seedling actually. But still, a small plant! And I grew it! All. On. My. Own! This is a big deal – I have struggled to grow plants and to keep them alive.
And this plant even lived for a few days. Until I decided that growing a small plant out of the side of the sink I never remember to clean was probably not something to celebrate. But instead something to be mildly disgusted by. 

Yes, life got so busy I just never got around to wiping out the side of the sink I put clean dishes into… and apparently something found a happy spot – enough water, enough sun, enough love and happiness… and it took root. In my sink. (To be honest I felt like the fact that I was cleaning dishes and putting them away was a win during this busy time!) 

I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry mom-in-law. You are both probably mortified if you are reading this. You are two of the cleanest people I know! And for anyone who has come over to the house and dined with us – DON’T WORRY! This actually happened over a year ago and none of you has been ill or died! So obviously my lack of side-sink-wipe-down-skills did not result in badness. šŸ™‚ 

Moving forward I plan to celebrate small victories – like wiping down the side sink on a regular basis and maybe even growing another house plant (in a pot with soil). 

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