Lingerie Superhero

***So you have probably heard something at some point in your life about using your “nice” things. The good china, the fancy silverware, the nice candles, the special table cloth, the linen napkins, the real pearls, the expensive leather purse and so on. Basically, it goes something to the effect of “use the good stuff on a regular basis because every day is good.” 

So on Sunday I woke up, puttered around the house, thought a bit about the day ahead, and finally decided to get dressed. I had already pulled out the basic blue jeans and the simple cotton t-shirt (my almost-every-day-of-the-week outfit of choice) when I got to the underwear drawer…

There they were – the black ones with lace on the edges and a simple white pin stripe. The ones I never wear. Because they are supposed to go with “good” clothes or special occasions. What the heck I thought?? It’s a Sunday. Now is as good a time as any. On went the special undies, followed by the everyday-perfectly-broken-in-couple-of-baby-food-stains-on-the-thighs-starting-to-rip-in-the-knees jeans. 

Next up – a bra. Hhhmm. There is the standard cotton work horse, maybe a hint of embellishment with 1mm of lace along the edge OR the matching black, pin stripe, lace around the whole thing camisole that goes with the fun-derwear I just pulled on. Hhhmmm. Why not?? On the camisole went, followed by the standard tee. 


And here’s the crazy thing now. The reason I am telling you about my underwear from yesterday (because normally I don’t think anyone, save myself, my husband, and the paramedics if something bad happens should know much about my undies) – I felt like a superhero. Like I had some sort of crazy super power secret, simply because I had fun, particularly nice underwear beneath my totally normal everyday run of the mill clothes. 

So today I challenge you to the do the same. Use the “good” stuff. Break out the special things and treat yourself to something nice. Today IS a special occasion – you just have to make it one! 

2 comments on “Lingerie Superhero

  1. Zita Mazzola

    I love it!!

  2. Zita Mazzola

    You are my Superhero. xoxoxo

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