Be Mindful Joy

Fill the cracks with joy.

If I were my own best friend I would suggest to myself to…


fill the cracks with joy.

***Life gets really busy and sometimes it seems as if there is no time left for anything fun or joyful. The minutes, hours, days may stack up and start to look like a solid brick wall. But even the most solid brick wall has cracks. And that is where joy can seep in and take root. 

Maybe it is only for two minutes or maybe it is for twenty, but I bet you could find just a little more time in your day to fill with joy. And once you do, on a regular basis, it is amazing what that little bit of joy can become… 

Similar to water running over rocks, the bricks of life erode and slowly there is a little more space and a little more time for joy to seep in on a little more regular basis. 

Simply put: en-joy life! 

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  1. Yes!!!

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