Evolve & Grow

Naked bird.

If I were my own best friend I would…


…congratulate myself for taking a chance and learning something new.

***I was watching a bird this morning. It was sitting on a branch, humming a little bird-tune, seeing to its feathers, just watching the world around it. It was quite content. From what I could see it had “bird life” well under control. 

But what if you moved it up a few branches? Took aways its feathers? Told it to relearn its bird-tune? Uncomfortable, right?!?! 

Learning something new is like being a naked bird on a new branch trying to sing but not yet knowing the tune. 

I see this in my son as he is trying to learn to crawl right now. I see this in myself as I am slogging through graduate school, remembering how comfortable I was with my old skill set. I see this in anyone who is trying to move forward and learn something new. 

So if you are a naked bird on a branch I applaud you! Keep up the good work. Grow that fine new set of feathers. Learn that gorgeous new tune. It might be uncomfortable now but it is worth it in the end!

Anyone feeling the same way? Any new (and slightly uncomfortable) growth going on out there??

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