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Failure in Bread.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself that…

Failure is an opportunity to try again…

and again and…

***I have been trying to make a decent loaf of gluten-free bread for almost 4 years now. My goal is something golden-brown, fluffy on the inside, slightly crusty on the outside, easily sliced, delicious for sandwiches, and edible. 

It has not happened yet. 

Each time I find a new recipe for gluten-free bread, from a new author or chef or baker or blogger and my hopes soar. This will be the one! This will be the loaf of bread that does not have the consistency of pudding. Is not so hard I need a machete to cut it. Does not crumble when I poke it with my finger. Does not taste like grass and something herbal. Can be sliced and will not collapse into crouton-size pieces. And can be made into a sandwich… oh, I dream of sandwiches… 

But, it has not happened yet. 

And that means, there are more opportunities out there. There are more recipes. There are more flours and gluten-like things to experiment with and mixes to create and substitutions to make. There are better techniques to learn. And with each attempt, I get closer to the goal… Failure is simply part of the journey and is an opportunity to try again. 

Do you have anything in your life that taunts you like this?? Is there anything you have repeatedly tried to do and find you just cannot seem to crack the magic code of success? Are you enjoying the journey of learning or have you given up? (From one person-on-a-journey to another – I hope you are still trying!) 

2 comments on “Failure in Bread.

  1. David Whyte tells a story about Edison working on the light bulb, and after countless hours of failed attempts, one of his assistants says that they have just wasted their time, to which Edison replies, “Nonesense. We know a 1000 ways that it doesn’t work.” Happy Baking. Love you!

    • Oooh I love the idea of being anywhere in the same area as Edison – a creative inspiration! Thank you!!! I will keep on baking and keep on trying… someday it will work. Thank you for the words of motivation.

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