Evolve & Grow

Roll with It.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to be ready for…

a serving of “roll with it.”

***Holy moly. I woke up this morning with a plan, a list, and a huge number of things I was going to accomplish. And then… I get served a big ol’ plate of “roll with it.” 

It was barely 7 am. 

First I tried to fight the plate. I battled. I fussed. I raised my blood pressure. I paced and bemoaned. There was nothing to be done. Like a pretzel with hot mustard sauce my “roll with it” just stared back at me. It was a calm roll with a slightly spicy “it” sauce on the side. It knew it would eventually win. 

Finally I sat down and ate my “roll with it” (like I should have done to begin with) and got on with my day. It was a good reminder to not get too attached to  “my plan.” Because most of the time there really is no plan. 

1 comment on “Roll with It.

  1. Zita Mazzola

    I am definitely having one of those days!!

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