Bath time.

Happy 2012! I am so happy to be returning to this online space and joining you again for the occasional doses of reflection, humor, introspection, science, inspiration… and whatever this new year will bring. Thank you for being here with me!

If I were my own best friend I would start off the new year by telling  myself to…

Enjoy a bath.

***I  have decided to kick off 2012 trying to be nicer to myself. It is not a resolution or a goal – this idea started awhile ago. This is simply a conscious effort to do more things I enjoy (i.e things that feed my soul) on a weekly or daily basis. It is about focusing on the experiences and actions I cherish and making sure they happen more often. For me, this will start off with something simple – a bath. A big white tub full of colorful, iridescent bubbles, warm water, Caribbean music in the background, sparkling water in a fun glass… you get the picture. 

Someone asked me the other day what my five favorite things to do are and when I had last done them… any of them. I was surprised to realize it had been months for most of them, even years. And these were supposed to be my favorite things! It did not improve much when I looked at numbers 6-10, or those I would place at 11-20. Why is that?? 

Are you in-tune to what you really enjoy doing? Do you make the time to do some of those things every week? Every day? What would happen if you did? I am hoping to find out! Care to join me? 

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