More Unsung Heroes.

If I were my own best friend I would remind  myself to be thankful for…

more unsung heroes…

***What can I say… I was thinking about yesterday’s post and unsung heroes and foundations… and POOF! Here we are at underwear, bras (sorry boys), and socks. Think about it, what’s more foundational than your unmentionables? I know there is that small group of commando-loving-people who just don’t buy into undies and the rest; this post is not for you! 

For the rest of us, that pull on our knickers, step into our stockings or socks, and snap into our brassieres every day… this is for you. It’s where you have to start each morning! How often do you thank that pair of plain-jane, white underpants for doing the job it does day-in-day-out? It really is a pretty thankless job when you think about it! 

Me: So, tell me a little about your job…

Underwear: Well, where to start? It’s dark. Nobody ever talks to me. I’m expected to sit down (a lot), shut up, and cover people’s arses. It gets a little lonely, but I try not to complain.

Me: Mmm-hhhm. Well that does sound like fascinating work… Next!

So today, all I want to do is say “thanks!”  to the things that do their jobs every day without complaint. If they are doing their jobs particularly well (like not riding-up, binding, falling down, pinching, or squishing), then I especially want to say THANK YOU. You are another unsung hero in my regular day. 

P.S. Please don’t start talking to your undergarments – I think it is probably a good thing that nobody ever talks to them. Just saying. 

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