Unsung Heroes.

If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to celebrate the….

Unsung heroes.

***I was walking in a wooded area yesterday admiring the amazing colors of the leaves as they continue to glow red and orange and golden for fall. There are a lot less leaves then there used to be and I suddenly realized I had been missing something… the unsung heroes of fall!  Here I’ve been prattling on for the last month about the brilliant colors fighting for my attention, and the whole time I’ve been missing the background. The unsung hero of fall is… BROWN! 

Every shade imaginable is there! It’s in the leaves, the stems, the branches, the trunks, the bushes, the dirt… all intermixed and providing a thankless but beautiful for base for this explosion of colorful leaves. 

Think about it – how often have you celebrated the color brown? Have you ever watched kids grab crayons from a box – how often do they immediately go for brown? (Actually, one of my nephews always chooses brown, even when given a choice of every other color. I love that kid – he’s already got it figured out!) How often do you think about the other things in your life that are “brown” – the stable, behind-the-scenes, foundational stuff? Do you celebrate it? 

So, today is about celebrating the unsung heroes in our lives! In this case, it’s about celebrating the color brown and the beautiful backdrop it provides for fall. 

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