If I were my own best friend I would remind myself to…

Appreciate the unexpected.

***Oops. I did not realize, until after I drew this, scanned it in, and saved it that I had just recently done a post about “appreciating unexpected gifts.” It turns out I named both files “unexpected”, obviously that will not be helpful later for differentiating the two, even though I added a “1” after the second one. Oops, again.  It seems this unexpected stuff is on my mind… so you get to see it a second time in less than a month! Repetition is good right?!? 

In all seriousness though, life throws a lot of unexpected and unplanned stuff our way. More than ever I think it’s important to try to be thankful for the particularly nice stuff… like rainbows, flowers, fun visitors, and gifts (wrapped or otherwise).

The rainbow actually occurred on a particularly down day during an especially sad moment. It was amazingly bright and brilliant. It was huge and took up half of the sky. It was a nice “gift” that reminded me life is not all bad. 

Expect the unexpected and try to be appreciative (especially of the good stuff). 

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