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Be Like your Eyes…

If I were my own best friend I would think about what to do…

If you have a problem…be like your eyes…

flip it upside-down and backwards.

See what happens.

***So I LOVE the way our eyes work. They take what we see and they flip it upside down and turn it around so right is left and left is right (backwards). Then they send that information back to our brains where, through the magic of neuroscience, the image is re-righted, put back to together and processed into something we understand. I particularly love that scientists still don’t completely understood HOW the brain does this “re-righting” piece of the process!  I love that there are things out there about our bodies, that we completely take for granted on a daily basis, and we have no idea how they really work. There is still “magic” in the world! 

But that is not the point of this post (sorry for the digression) – the point is that sometimes it’s good to live life, like your eyes. Occasionally I am faced with a problem or irritant that makes me very grumpy and ungrateful and generally less happy of a person. When I realize that is happening, I am trying to remind myself to “be like my eyes”! 

Take that problem and flip it upside down (did it’s skirt fall down and you see its underpants?), then turn it backwards (it should be a little dizzy right now), and see if it looks or feels different. I tried to do this with a drawing – it’s not a perfect flip-flop of the image, but I think it gets the point across. The image on the right makes me think of something totally different then the image of the left. Cool, right?!?!

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