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Wishes and Stars.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself two things…

Wish upon a star.

But keep building your staircase to the stars too…

***So often I hear of people who make wishes. And that’s all they do. They wish. They take their dreams, hopes, goals, and they toss them up in the air, hanging them on the star of their choice. Then they sit back and wait… wishing.

It reminds me of those random pairs of shoes you occasionally see hanging over electric lines… someone tied two shoes together and then sometime (probably in the middle of the night) tossed them up there over and over, until they got stuck. And now they are just hanging there… 

I know this may sound jaded, but I think wishing on a star, and leaving it at that, is about as useful as tossing your shoes over an electric line. Yes, it’s kind of fun…  but what’s the point? Why not build your own staircase to the stars (and your wishes)?!? 

Why not take the time to craft your own platform that allows you to climb up to the stars with your wish in hand. Wouldn’t that get you closer to making it happen?? So, my advice to myself is simple: wish on the stars (because it’s fun), but keep on doing the work that will get you there too. 

Have you made a wish lately? Did it come true? Did you have to work for it?? 

2 comments on “Wishes and Stars.

  1. mmmm…so wise, you are, young Jedi 🙂

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