If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to…

Find fun in the weather.

***I recently moved from a sunny, temperate climate to a place where it rains… a LOT. Sometimes it depresses me that I have not seen blue sky or sunshine in over 48 hours. That is a long time compared to where I moved from. I am also acutely aware that this length of time, 48 hours, will seem excitingly short for breaks between sunshine by the time the winter is over. 

So what’s a newly transplanted sun-lover to do?? Find fun in the weather! 

I have decided that if it is going to rain for the next 8 months I might as well have fun rain boots, colorful or patterned umbrellas, and whatever other accoutrements make this FUN.  

Vive la pluie! (That’s french for rain… makes it sound more fun right?!?) 

2 comments on “Weather.

  1. things to appreciate –
    Stomping in mud puddles (it’s not just for the young but young at heart!)
    hearty soups
    cozy nights in front of the fire
    hot cinnamon rolls!

    welcome to Seattle! xoxo

    • I love all of this! Definitely need to think about making some tasty soup soon… and maybe cinnamon rolls too. 🙂 Yum.

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