Be Mindful

Recipe for Calm.

If I were my own best friend I would give myself a…

Recipe for Calm.


  • breath
  • a moment
  • a place to stand


  • variable


  1. place both feet on the ground
  2. stand tall
  3. arms by sides
  4. close eyes
  5. take a really deep breath (*really deep) (**down-to-your-toes deep)
  6. pause
  7. release the breath (*really release)
  8. repeat until calm. Aah.

***I tried this at the grocery store the other night (except for the “eyes closed” part). There were people swirling past me battling for broccoli and baby spinach, scrapping for the last can of peaches, and voicing frustration over the lack of frozen items. It worked.

The hustle-bustle-craziness of my surroundings melted away and I was able to continue my grocery shopping adventure in a place that was a little more calm. Aah.

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