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If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

Challenges make life into a giant obstacle course.

go over it!

go under it!

go around it!

go through it!

***I remember running the obstacle course as a kid in PE class.  I always loved it. Climb over the fence, jump down, go under the netting, run around the poles and barriers, go through the mud pit…

The obstacles I face today are not necessarily as fun as the ones from elementary school, but in essence I am still doing the same things. Looking down a course, setting my sights on the end-goal, then attacking each problem as it arises. Good lessons learned at a young age!

What obstacles are you facing today? Can you go over, around, under or through them?? Or are you stuck in the mud pit right now looking for a hand to pull you out? (I am happy to offer one!)

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