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Make a Mess.

If I were my own best friend I give myself directions…

  1. make a big mess of < fill in the blank >
  2. then move forward

***How many times in my life have I made a BIG BIG mess of something??? A lot of times, countless (and I’m not done yet). How about you? Let me just say I do not generally set out with the intention to make the mess (whatever kind it is or was); instead it developed through fate, neglect, inattention, lack of sufficient interest on my part or others, indecision, decisiveness, an accident, over-planning… The end result is or was the same… Mess. 

And then what happens? Do I stay in the mess? Do you stay in the mess? Are you still in the mess? Or did you move forward? 

Messes happen. It’s part of being alive and living your life. Some are bigger and badder than others. Some require extensive clean-up and emotional support. Others require humility and grace. Either way you have to move forward. Otherwise you become part of the mess and then the mess perpetuates… 

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