Be Mindful Joy

Be a Diffusing Capillary.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to…

be a capillary.

diffuse important nutrients into your surroundings.

(Examples of “important nutrients”: joy, hope, smiley-face)

***In the most general sense there are three basic types of blood vessels in the body: arteries, capillaries, and veins. (For all your smart-science-types out there, I know there are more differentiations, but for this space, we’re going to stick with three for right now.) The arteries transport blood and nutrients away from the heart, the capillaries allow diffusion of nutrients into and out of the blood vessels, and the veins transport everything back to the heart.

If you are a capillary, you are able to diffuse all sorts of things into your surroundings. As a blood vessel you would be focused on things like oxygen, glucose, amino acids, all with the goal of keeping your surroundings healthy, and the bigger organism you are part of “happy”.

As a person the concept is the same. You can “diffuse” feelings, thoughts, hopes, dreams, good moods, bad moods, smiles, frowns… all into your environment and potentially, into the people around you.

So the question is, as a capillary, what are you sending out into your environment? Are you having a positive impact on the whole? Are you creating happiness? Or are you causing distress?

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