Be Mindful

Create space. Breathe.

If I were my own best friend I would create space, then…


(shshhshh. zzzz green grass needs mowing. trim plants prune. need to get a haircut soon. call for an appointment with the doctor eat an apple each day. buy fruit soon start canning it’s time now and time can run out on things like books make me think. quiet mind has a great idea.)

***Finding time to focus and listen to myself requires that I make space to do so. Making space means not just physically sitting down and taking time, it also means clearing the space in my head. On really busy days, when my head is full of thoughts, I often think of a messy room. Someone has gone into that messy room and pushed all the stuff to the outer edges. In the center is a quiet open space. In this case, it is for breathing.

Create space in your life.

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