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Be Centered.

If I were my own best friend I would remember…

…when I focus on being centered in myself the rest of life tends to fall into place better.

*** There are days when I feel centered and all the different “pieces” of my life seem to line up around me. The day goes smoothly. The pieces don’t overlap or fight with each other and I feel calm and strong.

Then there are the days when I am not centered and I feel like I am bouncing around inside a box. All the “pieces” that make up my life are in there with me and they bounce around too. Sometimes they overlap and push up against each other. I feel frazzled (but still strong).

There is learning to be had on either day. What did I do on the centered days that allowed me to stay so focused? What did I learn on the non-centered days that allowed me to grow and change?

2 comments on “Be Centered.

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful posts, IIWMOBF.

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