Curiosity Evolve & Grow

Go to a museum.

If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to…

Go to a museum.

Sit. look. think.

***Obviously I was thinking about art museums when I sat down and sketched this one. But the thought is the same for all museums. Go. Sit. Look. Think. Wander. Explore. Learn. Learn. Learn.

Museums present us with an opportunity to grow. I love them because you can have a completely different experience each time you go. Sometimes the exhibits are different. Sometimes you want to read all the plaques and informational signs. Sometimes you want to breeze through and just look. Sometimes you pick a spot and sit and observe the art, the exhibits, the people.

In one of my next lives I would love to come back as an exhibit at a museum, and get to sit and watch all the people who come through and watch me!

Do you have a favorite museum? A favorite painting? A favorite exhibit?

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