If I were my own best friend I would tell myself…

If you have planted seeds of doubt…

weed them out.

Instead plant love, faith, confidence, acceptance, and belief.

And watch them grow.

***I think of how often doubt creeps into my mind. I’m going about my daily business and all of sudden – poof- there it is. Doubt. My plans suddenly seem a little less certain, my convictions a little weaker, my decisions a little more indecisive.

Doubt reminds me of the way blackberry bushes grow in the Pacific Northwest. They are ruthless!  They seem to be able to grow anywhere (especially where you don’t want them). They get huge if left uncontrolled. They have sharp, nasty thorns that can cut you down. And it takes great persistence to get rid of them. All of this applies equally well to the concept of doubt.

Weed it out. Then simply replace doubt with something more positive: love, faith, confidence, acceptance, and belief are just a few to get you started.

Have you experienced doubt? What did you do to get rid of it in your own life?

1 comment on “Plant seeds.

  1. What a lovely metaphor – I recently picked fresh blackberries off of wild bushes in No. California at a retreat center. The prickly thorns are so like the painful spikes of doubt. So I too regularly remind myself to go to my center and come back to the gentle net of trust and faith. With relief 🙂

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