Evolve & Grow


If I were my own best friend, I would…

Think about a chemistry lesson…

sometimes in life I may need a catalyst to get a reaction moving

the trick is knowing “what” and “when”

***I have always loved this simple graphic depiction of a reaction. There is “energy” on the y-axis and “time” on the x-axis. You start with reactants and end up with products, and there is a “hump” in between the two that has to be overcome to get things moving. The activation energy (the hump) can be lowered by using a catalyst. The catalyst is usually a protein.

When I find myself stuck in a rut or unable to make decisions I remember this graph. My life-catalyst is not generally a protein, instead it is the act of making a change. Changes can be big or small. They may involve my surroundings, the people I interact with, the activities I do, the ways I spend my free time, etc.

The key in picking a catalyst is not about the actual catalyst. Instead it is about the act of picking. It is the act of making a change and knowing that change will lead to a new “product” or in this case a new life situation.

Here’s to catalyzing our lives!

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