Be Human Connection

Be like Sodium.

If I were my own best friend I would…

Remember a chemistry lesson:

to be happier and more stable we may have to give something away

(like a sodium atom giving up an electron)

***I love revisiting chemistry lessons and being able to apply the concept of stable valence electron shells to my life. (I know… I am a nerd! Thanks Dad.) This lesson is such a great reminder to simplify things – sometimes the easiest way to stability is giving something up.

Do I really need to do laundry today? Do I have to dust the furniture now? Could I leave those boxes unpacked until tomorrow? Could I say “no” to the next project I was asked to do? Do I have to finish all 18 things on my list by the end of today? 

Simplify. Reduce. Streamline.

If you had the luxury to give one thing up today, what would it be?

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